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Save up to 80% of finances and energy costs on water treatment
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Diamix Aqua
DIAMIX AQUA is a durable filter aid on mineral base. It is used for water treatment and purification of surface, borehole and waste waters of natural and anthropogenic origin for drinking and domestic water supply.
About us
Diamix Group has been developing and manufacturing a wide range of sorbents based on mineral raw materials (diatomite, sepiolite, bentonite, zeolite) for over 20 years.
Diamix Group manages research, extraction and processing of raw materials, manufacturing and sales of finished products all over the world.

The Group includes Diamix LLC - a company which manages the entire cycle of mineral processing and production for cost-effective filter aids used for water treatment and purification of drinking and industrial water.

The Group owns the industrial complex located in the town of Inza, Ulyanovsk region, Russia. The production volume is over 100,000 tons per year. Our own raw material base allows us to provide stable quality and competitive prices for our partners.
Diamix LLC owns accredited laboratory and research center specializing in the analysis of existing products as well as development and research of new materials and industrial technologies.

All technological processes and Company’s quality management system certified in accordance with ISO 9001: 2015 and GMP+ B1 standards.
Removes mechanical impurities and solid particles
Absorbs iron, manganese, oil products, phenols and other pollutants
Reduces color index and turbidity
Removes radionuclides
Reduces energy consumption of filters
Reduces backwashing volume
Application advantages of DIAMIX AQUA:
Applications for DIAMIX AQUA
Water treatment companies and water utilities
Food and beverage production
Aquariums, aqua-parks, swimming pools and oceanariums
CHP plants
Water treatment systems for housing
Livestock and poultry complexes
DIAMIX AQUA W is a durable inert filter aid with a high developed specific surface. Thanks to high sorption capacity DIAMIX AQUA W effectively absorbs oil products and other organic and inorganic pollutants.
DIAMIX AQUA is a durable filter aid on diatomite base treated with high temperature. It is used for filtration of open, borehole and waste water in drinking and domestic water supply. DIAMIX AQUA is resistant to abrasion and grinding.
DIAMIX AQUA Z is a durable filter aid based on zeolite. Due to "molecular sieve" properties, DIAMIX AQUA Z selectively adsorbs molecules, ions and components of waste and drinking water.
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Advantages DIAMIX AQUA
-Can be applied with all types of oxidants - sodium hypochlorite, potassium permanganate, ozone and the others. Pre-chlorination does not reduce the sorbent activity

- Characterized by high dirt holding capacity. Contaminant forms an additional permeable filter layer

- Consists mainly of silicon dioxide (87%), provides better combination with coagulants based on iron and aluminum

- Keeps high sorption capacity in the presence of hydrogen sulfide.
- Reduces operational costs

- Reduces unit cost of 1m³ purified water

- Reduces water consumption in backwashing

- Increases filtration cycle by 3-6 times (in comparison with sand filters)

- Significantly reduces consumption of coagulant (up to 50%) due to the transfer of the coagulation process to the surface of the sorbent

- Characterized by a long service life - up to 10 years.
No material refill is required.

- Increases filtercapacity in comparison with traditional loadings like sand and anthracite.
- The material is inert and chemically resistant. The product is manufactured by calcining at a temperature of more than 900°C

- Characterized by buffering properties and is stable within a wide pH range

- Quality and safety are confirmed by Russian certificates and the leading European laboratories - DEKRA (Germany) and IFSTTAR (France)
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Comparison of DIAMIX AQUA and quartz sand
Annual water consumption, Eur.
Diamix Aqua
Quartz sand
39 663,39
61 005,97
Annual electricity consumption, Eur.
Diamix Aqua
Quartz sand
1 078,11
Total expenses for backwashing, including cost of filter aid for 5 years, Eur
Diamix Aqua
221 018,26
Quartz sand
316 949,64
Savings for the first year, including cost of filter aid: 9 647,95 Eur.
Savings for 5 years: 95 931,38 Eur.
ROI for a year: 117%
ROI for 5 year: 520%
Test plant:
«Kingisepp Vodokanal», Kingisepp, Leningrad region, Russia
Total technical support
Diamix experts can provide all the technical and economic calculations of the application
of DIAMIX AQUA at your facility, including a detailed presentation of the product
at your site.
Reference list of Diamix Aqua
Interdistrict Schelkovsky Vodokanal
1. Water treatment station No. 15 in Pushkino, branch of Shchelkovsky Vodokanal

2. Design capacity: 18,000 - 20,000 m³ / day

3. Water resources: artesian well

4. The iron removal plant is a system of 5 parallel pressure filters which take 160 m³ of water every hour. Water is aerated with ejector before feeding to the filters.

5. In July 2019, the quartz sand was replaced with DIAMIX AQUA (1-4 mm).

6. DIAMIX AQUA succeeded in the incoming trials of the quality control service and complied with the indicators stated in the passport, as follows abrasion - 0.07% and grindability - 0.03%. It was found that DIAMIX AQUA removed the main impurities (turbidity, permanganate oxidizability, odor and color) and provided a high-quality purified water. The iron content was reduced from 4.5 mg/l to 0.1 mg/l.

The filtration cycle is 3.5 times longer. No material losses are recorded and no material refill is required.
«Vodokanal», Novocherkassk, Russia
1. Wastewater treatment plant of Novocherkassk water services company - «Vodokanal»

2. Design capacity 42,000 m³ / day

3. Water resources: surface, Don River

4. The treatment plant includes vortex-type mixers, flocculation chambers combined with horizontal sedimentation tanks, clarified and pure water tanks, a filtration unit. The filtration unit consists of 12 fast open-type filters.

5. In 2019, the filters were refilled. The DIAMIX AQUA filter media (0.8-2.0 mm) was used.

6. DIAMIX AQUA provides stable filtration rates, optimal energy consumption of pumping equipment, prevention of biofouling inside filtration media. Despite its high porosity and dirt holding capacity, the material can be backwashed easily at low speed - 9.1 l min/m². Sand is backwashed at 15-17 l s/m².

The controlled parameters of purified water meet the norms for drinking water.
NURSU PLUS, Almaty, Kazakhstan
1. Water treatment plants: Belovodskiy GV and regional center Terenkol (110 km and 230 km away from Pavlodar).

2. Design capacity of Belovodskiy: 5 400 m³ / day; regional center Terenkol: 4 200 m³ / day.

3. Water resources:surface, Irtysh River.

4. The following set of measures was applied for physical and chemical water treatment to bring the initial water of the Irtysh River to the potable quality:
- oxidation of raw water with sodium hypochlorite;
- rough filtration with self-washing disc filters;
- coagulation of raw water in flocculation chamber;
- fine filtration in pressure filters with DIAMIX AQUA (0.3-0.8 mm)
- disinfection of purified water with sodium hypochlorite

5. Water treatment plants were commissioned in 2019

6. Thanks to low density and high porosity of DIAMIX AQUA, water-air backwashing is effectively used to remove contaminants, as well as the “intelligent monitoring and control scheme for direct and back washing” is applied, developed by specialists of Nursu Plus LLP. The “Intelligent Scheme” reduced the pressure from 1.0-1.5 atm to 3.0-4.0 atm when filtering raw water in pressure filters.

Energy consumption reduced by 15-20% due to pressure reduction at main filtration. less frequent backwashing cycles are required, and it also became possible to return direct flushing water for reuse
1. Closed water purification system in pools with mammals at "VDNH Oceanarium", Moscow.

2. Total volume of water in the complex: 20,000 m³.

3. Water resource: artesian well.

4. Integrated water treatment system includes monitoring for conductivity, oxygen and carbon dioxide levels, temperature, which affect the quality of the aquatic environment. The filtration system consists of 5 pressure filters with DIAMIX AQUA (0.3-0.8 mm and 0.8-2.0 mm).

5. The water filtration system with DIAMIX AQUA was commissioned in June 2015.

6. DIAMIX AQUA is used separately as an effective replacement of quartz sand when high stable quality of water treatment and filtration rate are required. DIAMIX AQUA effectively absorbs organic and organochlorine impurities, ammonia. It also effectively removes pathogenic microorganisms. Thanks to high resistance to organic contaminants, the amount of sodium hypochlorite is reduced. A comprehensive solution with DIAMIX AQUA increased filter cycle up to 7 days, instead of 1 day when using quartz sand.
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